Arthur's tidbits

Arthur's tidbits

Favicons, Touch Icons, Tile Icons, etc. What All Do You Need?

The following is a guest post by Philippe Bernard. Philippe has done research on what it takes to make a favicon (and all the related graphics and markup)

What you should know about JavaScript regular expressions • Bjorn Tipling

Regular expressions in JavaScript may not always be intuitive. I aim to provide some clarity by providing examples about things I have found myself getting stuck on. This post covers a few topics including state in regular expressions, regular…

Beautiful Open

Handsome sites for open source.

API para consulta de bancos Brasileiros

Você já precisou fornecer uma lista de instituições financeiras no seu site ou aplicativo ? Já precisou consultar o número do banco pra algum formulário ?

Eu precisei, e já fiz até uma APIzinha de busca pra acompanhar:

Pra buscar alguma coisa é só passar o parâmetro q, assim:

A busca é bem simplória, ignora acentuação, mas retém os espaços.

Os dados são atualizados do site da Febraban.

Fiz um teste rápido de perfomance com resultado positivo; ~.3s por requisição com carga de 1600rpm.

E pra implementar no seu formulário financeiro, usando o Populous.js é mais fácil ainda:

<select data-source-url=""></select>

  map: function(response) {
    return $.map(response, function(item) {
      return [[item.code,]]; // jQuery#map make it flat, so we add depth


(Assim que o jsfiddle voltar a funcionar eu monto uma demo funcional.)

Markdown to Responsive HTML Email

A simple markdown to responsive HTML email editor.


Like oh-my-zsh but faster.


wow such top so stats


Blast text apart to make it manipulable.

Why Most Unit Testing is Waste

I don’t remember how I ran across this article by James O Coplien. However, I was immediately impressed with the thought and experience that went into this paper. Regardless of your viewpoints to…

It takes more than practice to excel

Don’t get me wrong. Practice is important. It’s just not as important as many have thought. What does count for the skills is still unknown.

PC GFX Explained! Antialiasing, Vsync, Tessellation and More! - Reality Check

101 de opções gráficas nos jogos.

CSS Triggers...

What CSS properties triggers layout, repaint and composition ?

Making Your Site Printable

The push for responsive web design has helped web developers consider how the sites they develop can adapt to different devices, including sizes, screen resolu…

Shapecatcher: Draw the Unicode character you want!

Old but gold.

The Subtle Magic Behind Why the Bootstrap 3 Grid Works

Why does the Bootstrap 3 grid work the way it does? There’s some clever magic going on, and understanding why Bootstrap is built the way it is will clear up a…