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Break apart documents into Images, text, pages and PDFs…

Building OS X Apps with JavaScript by Tyler Gaw

OS X Yosemite introduced JavaScript for Automation. This makes it possible to access native OS X frameworks with JavaScript. I’ve been digging in to this new world and putting together examples along the way…

How To Migrate 50M+ Records From Mongo To PostgreSQL In Less Than A Day

Of the many challenges we faced when releasing the latest version of perhaps the biggest was migrating and de-duplicating the over 50 million…

The Exact Amount Of Time You Should Work Every Day

New research reveals exactly how much downtime you should be taking.

Speech interface for apps and devices.

The Exhaustive Guide to Rails Time Zones

Ruby and Rails provide great tools for working with time and time zones. But my experience shows that Rails developers often pay little attention to how this magic really works, which often results in…

GitHut - Programming Languages and GitHub

A small place to discover more about the usage of programming languages in GitHub.

Naming CSS Stuff Is Really Hard

Limit gross refactoring tomorrow by picking class names that are less likely to change. Ethan shares three naming options to help cushion the blow of future design changes.

SitePoint Smackdown: Atom vs Brackets vs Light Table vs Sublime Text

Atom é mó legal e tal, mas não tem ninguém tão rápido e confiável quanto o Sublime (Já tentou dar um force quit nele com uma aba não salva ? Sim ele recupera.). Apesar de que o Sublime 1 (no Windows) era o mais rápido deles.

Centering in CSS: A Complete Guide

Centering things in CSS is the poster child of CSS complaining. Why does it have to be so hard? They jeer. I think the issue isn’t that it’s difficult to do, but in that there so many different ways of doing it, depending on the situation, it’s hard to know which to reach for.

ECMAScript 6: what’s next for JavaScript?

Goals, design process, and features…

This is why you never end up hiring good developers

You are bad at giving technical interviews. Yes, you. You’re looking for the wrong skills, hiring the wrong people, and actively screwing yourself and your company…


Development environment on the cloud.

Favicons, Touch Icons, Tile Icons, etc. What All Do You Need?

The following is a guest post by Philippe Bernard. Philippe has done research on what it takes to make a favicon (and all the related graphics and markup)

What you should know about JavaScript regular expressions • Bjorn Tipling

Regular expressions in JavaScript may not always be intuitive. I aim to provide some clarity by providing examples about things I have found myself getting stuck on. This post covers a few topics including state in regular expressions, regular…